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Dalmia Biz Education

Dalmia Biz Education is a Dalmia group company, incorporated in 2014 with the aim of organizing the unorganized sectors in India. By virtue of being a Dalmia group enterprise, it leverages the expertise of the parent company and its legacy of creating successful businesses.

1000 of Education Content online

Our Vision 

Dalmia Biz Education visions to building itself as a Resource Centre – a repository of Transformational workshops and best Digital Education solutions for the country. The objective of this effort is to take the best teaching-learning experience to next level.

There are Two gifts which we must impart in our future generation; Roots and Wings. Dalmia Biz Education program is a comprehensive integrated approach to education that amplifies and augments the lives of our children. Also it teaches the artistry that is really needed to prosper in the world. 

Dalmia Biz Education introduces Transformational Education program to kindle the spirit of creativity amongst youth minds and couple it with innovative thinking to build and enable the next generation of visionaries in India with the competence and mindset to build sustainable solutions in the field of education.

Our Mission 

Our Mission is to help students to make progress in their lives through virtual Learning. Students who are not able to get the right direction or Facility of schooling. While global demand for education is rising and technology is improving day by day, we have and access and affordability too, but inequality remains the problem everywhere. We believe that through Virtual Online Coaching we can help to change lives of many. We are changing the definition of schooling in India as we are reaching out to those students who are not getting good education due to lack of opportunities and resources, . With this program we are trying to educate as many students as we can. 


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Our Program 

Our program is designed to change lives of those students who are thriving for the best of education and guidance but not able to get in today’s time. We are going to direct the process of this whole new system of education using virtual medium and making education possible in any situation.

Our courses are based on and taught by certified and experienced teachers who provide personalized instruction and support in online classroom and chat session. During interactive live video lessons, students receive direct instruction, and participate in activities. With an online curriculum that powers learning with real-life applications, courses provide engaging and interactive content, encouraging mastery before moving forward.

Designed for those who may need more flexibility, more of a challenge, or who may perform better outside of a traditional classroom, Virtual Coaching gives students the freedom to follow their own unique path to learning through full-time school option by not attending the old traditional classroom.

Our Chairman

Mr. Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman of the Dalmia Group of companies, is a pioneer who has the vision and courage to get away from the beaten track and create institutions through vision, risk and initiative which today influences not only the immediate community but the country at large.
Mr. Sanjay Dalmia is also a Founder director of the recently launched “Europe-India Chamber of commerce” (EICC) with headquarter in Brussels. He is very keen on effective industrial growth of India and is actively associated with various trade organizations like PHD Chamber of commerce and industry (PHD) and was associated with FICCI, Assocham, and Chairman, Indo-Israel joint business council. He was on the board of Directors of Union Bank of India and also was a member of the Northern Committee of industrial Development Bank of India. He is actively involved in various social/charitable organisations. “Masoom” – a school for special children from the economically weaker section of the society.
This Dynamic Industrialist is a former member of the Rajya Sabha and has raised many pertinent issues relating to Finance, Economy and other matter of National importance in the Rajya Sabha during his tenure.
Now his vision is to impart Digital and Spiritual Education for the future generation.  

Transformational Education - Workshops 
Different students have different needs. In Dalmia Biz Education’s Program young masters gets to self-assess their lives, and also create powerful visions for their future. Today we are living in a stress ridden world and growing kids experience their share of tension and stress. The stress of performance vis-à-vis grades, sports, extra-curricular, peer pressure is highly taxing for an adolescent. Thus it’s very important to introduce to them a Mind-Body curriculum so that they can grow up to be happy, healthy and responsible adults.

Special features of the Program will be Artwork which shows pattern of the Subconscious Mind and how they can interpret it, Interactive session with parents on Smart Parenting, Ajna light work, Aura scanning, Healthy living, Special Zumba and Gymnastic workshop with a twist, Mind and body exercises like Jelly fish exercise, Gibberish, Blind man’s lead, Gestalt Therapy and many more Interesting hacks to mind development.

These specially crafted workshops are designed to enhance the quality of living and making them responsible as a youth of this nation.
Dalmia Biz Education Program is designed to attune specifically to make each young master account for patterns of their life.
We take immense pleasure to start our workshop from country’s finest educational institutions. We have successfully organised the workshop in Sharda University and going further we have schools from the “Land of kings”, Rajasthan.  

Learn through virtual coaching

In our Virtual Coaching program, we are collaborating with the best of educators and the educationist (Pan India) in this field to provide the best possible solution to the student’s day to day learning. In todays time the world is changing, and we need to design the earning through digital medium.

With this collaboration we are giving the flexibility to the students to study at their pace and clear their doubts and get the best of the guidance from the teachers.

So, come lets us change the world with the virtual education. 


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Digital Learning

Online coaching

A paradigm shift has happened in our lives with the introduction of electronic devices, digital services and social media in our life. Technology has worked as grate enabler to bring services to the door step of the users. However the school based teaching has remain largely unaffected barring the few adoption of e learning. However with the changing time and the challenges thrown on the movement of teachers and student due to lock down, the online coaching has emerges as a viable alternative to one to one personal coaching. Dalmia Biz Education aim to introduce quality teachers, easy to understand and engaging content and modern learning tools and video conferencing technology to create seamless learning experience for students that will help them transform their understanding to subjects and help them to meet their academic goals 

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What we do?

Dalmia Biz Education is India's leading online tutoring company. We offer well researched and engaging content by best of Indian teachers using the latest technology. Student can learn in live environment and interact with some of India's best teachers in almost all subjects.

Dalmia Biz education boost of more than 150 well Qualified teachers covering all major subjects and having collective experience of teaching more than 50000 students

Our teaching platform and learning management system (LMS) enables live interactive classes between a teacher and a student. LMS facilitate live content , video tutorials , subject wise presentation , mock tests, MCQ tests with live result , subjective test and submission of response, online two way interaction, progress report , feedback and much more . We provide personalize online teaching from 6th grade to 12th grade and prepares for the multi faced learning and academic growth to face the board and competitive exams 

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